Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Ice cold pisco sourThe Pisco Sour

A drink made with the South American brandy, Pisco, and fresh lemon juice is sure to bring sunshine vibes to the party. If it’s just too warm outside to fire up the grill, shake this cocktail together and serve with a cool ceviche. Or, serve with a citrus seafood dish off the grill. Click here for The Pisco Sour recipe.

Fruity summer smash

Summer Smash

Cognac, black raspberry liqueur, fresh berries, and mint make for a fruity glass that is hard to resist. Enjoy this refreshing drink with a berry and arugula salad or spiced grilled chicken that could use a fruit ­filled cool sip as you eat it. See the Summer Smash recipe.

Ice cold Tom Collins

The Tom Collins

You and your friends are just four ingredients away from this refreshing glass. The origin of this summery drink is a bit murky, but we do know that the first time the recipe was written down was in 1876 by Jerry Thomas who described it as a “gin and sparkling lemonade” drink served in a Collins glass. Enjoy this gin cocktail with freshly shucked oysters or cured or grilled salmon. See the Tom Collins recipe.

Ice cold sex on the beach

Sex on the Beach

This risque vodka cocktail is made with cranberry juice, orange juice, and a delightfully fruity peach liqueur. Shake, pour over ice, and sip away…no messy sand rendezvous required. Grilled shrimp, tacos prepared on the barbecue, or even a simple burger would do well with this drink. See the recipe for Sex on the Beach.

Ice cold elderflower sparkle

Elderflower Sparkle

This alcohol­ free drink will keep you hydrated under the summer sun. Let the simplicity of elderflowers and freshly squeezed lemons refresh and relax you without any fuss. Don’t over think this floral lemonade when pairing with food. We love it served on a picnic blanket with an array of cheeses. See the Elderflower Sparkle recipe.

Ice cold mojito


Rum and mint pretty much sums up the hot sun and cool waters of a day at the beach. Call on those feelings and make a refreshing mojito. Serve this traditional Cuban cocktail with flavors of the Caribbean. Think mango salsas, grilled seafood, plantains, and jerk ­spiced chicken. See the Mojito recipe.

Ice cold tequila sunrise

Tequila Sunrise

It’s true, this drink actually looks like a summer evening’s sky. Floating grenadine is the secret to its appearance and is said to have originated in Sausalito, California. Serve this tropical drink with grilled pork carnitas. See the Tequila Sunrise recipe.
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