Food News and Notes

by Pamela

gingerbread house, giant gingerbread house

There may be a chance Americans will get safer food after all – Associated Press

No need to worry about the fat in this butter, it’s the flame retardant that will get you – Bloomberg Business Week

I’ll need to see some ID before you buy that Red Bull – NBC

What happens when 7 people get snowed in at a British Pub – Huffington Post

Why not make a batch of financiers for your Christmas cookie exchange – My Man’s Belly

As the obesity rate rises, eating disorders among children is increasing – American Academy of Pediatrics

Trying to lose weight?  Just imagining food, instead of eating it, could be the key to weight loss –  MSNBC

Chef Nate Appleman is now working at Chipotle…and no, this is no April Fool’s joke – Grub Street

Ripped from the headlines…Rolling Stone is now a restaurant – Eater

BP giving Louisiana marketing board $30 million to promote Gulf seafood –

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