Food News and Notes

by Pamela

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CSI called in to dissect fruit cake…no really, a fruitcake – Saveur

Looks like Dannon should have been more concerned with their diarrhea of the mouth, $21 million dollar fine – ABC News

Google isn’t just for tech geeks, they have chef’s too – WSJ

Pull up a chair and pour yourself a Sauternes, foie gras isn’t inhumane after all – Serious Eats

Lighten up your meal this week with some roasted cauliflower and leek soup – My Man’s Belly

Is Sandra Lee the convenience she-devil scourge of cooking – Huffington Post

The Queens kitchen where dreamers and the unemployed create – New York Times

It’s  not too late to get your favorite foodie a cool gadget – LA Times

What would you do with a million pop tarts – PR Newswire

If you’ve ever had a food borne illness, you are definitely not alone – Reuters

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