Simple Summer Salads: Farro Salad

by Pamela

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Amidst several days of lascivious and carnivorous eating, I announced, to Craig, that we would be having a vegan dinner.  You know how in those cartoons when a car is careening out of control and they slam on the brakes, causing the tires to produce a blood curdling tire squeal and stomach churning spin of the car?  That’s exactly what happened when those words fell from my lips.

In the hours leading up to dinner I witnessed eye rolls, glares and at least one look that I’m pretty sure was his plotting to drown me in the bathtub if only he could conjure up some way for me to actually step foot into the tub.  Of course, not much drowning can take place unless he figures out a way to actually plug the drain, since our plumber removed the drain plug and has yet to return with one (probably not going to happen since that was about 8 months ago).

Unfazed by the silent death threats and childlike pleas for takeout I forged on with my farro salad.  Yes, it’s true, you can have summer salads that are grain based and not just a big bowl of lettuce (not that we couldn’t use the roughage lettuce would provide, but farro provides tons of fiber too) and tomatoes.  I mean, you can have potato salad or macaroni salad, neither of which is lettuce, so what’s the big deal about a farro salad?


Farro Salad

I loaded up this farro recipe with a ton of summer’s best fruits like blueberries, mango and sour cherries (plus some garbanzo beans for a little more protein).  To add that much more flavor, I tossed in some fresh mint and basil (remember…I’ve got lots of basil in my garden).  The dressing for this farro salad is another easy peasy thing to toss together and adds a bright tanginess to the nutty grains.

I served this up to my skeptical spouse and received the first smile of the day from him.  No words, just a smile.  But once he started eating this summer salad I finally got to hear the words I expected to hear earlier: “Wow! this is really good and a nice break from all that steak we’ve been eating.”  UGH!


Summer Farro Salad

If you can’t find farro, you could also substitute quinoa in this recipe.  It won’t have quite the same chewy texture, but the flavor will still be excellent.  For a similar texture you could use wheat berries or barley.  This salad tastes just as good hot or cold, so make up a big pot of farro and make this farro recipe for a cooling dinner or hot lunch.

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Researchers have found that those alpha males (the one’s that are all consumed with staying at the head of the pack and banging the most fertile females) were constantly stressed out about maintaining that level of power which ultimately had negative affects on their health.  While the beta males weren’t getting quite as much baboon tail, they still got adequate amounts, but did not have the same stress levels and negative effects on their health and overall were very happy with their lives.

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Feast on the Cheap July 27, 2011 at 9:36 am

What a vibrant salad!

Pamela July 27, 2011 at 11:45 am

and it tastes as good as it looks. I’ve been adding some fresh French feta that I recently found and am eating pretty much every night for dinner.

Marla July 26, 2011 at 2:22 pm

Farro is such an amazing grain that I often forget to use. Love that you combined the fresh herbs, citrus dressing and fruit :)

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