A Bourbon Cocktail for Your Fall Drinking Pleasure

by Pamela

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Because you haven’t had enough fresh fig and pumpkin recipes thrown at you this week, I thought I’d add to the pile of Fall produce with this fig and bourbon cocktail recipe for your drinking pleasure.

I suppose you think that food bloggers are a wholly uncreative lot since we all seem to be cooking the same thing.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that.  Yes, there are some out there who aren’t all that original.  But when you start seeing a plethora (thank you for allowing me to depreciate the cost of my college degree by using that word) of recipes using the same ingredient, it usually means that’s what is freshest at the market.  So we like to give you ideas of what you can do with say….figs, beyond whatever it is you normally do with them and find the rest of them becoming the next subdivision for the horde of fruit flies that have moved in.

Bourbon cocktails are good all year ’round, but they seem especially appropriate when the weather cools down.  Yes, I know the weather isn’t exactly synching up with the calendar in a lot of places right now, but it will.  There’s something about whiskey and its underlying flavors that bring out the best of the weather.

This cocktail recipe isn’t too sweet and there’s nothing tart to it at all.  It’s a combination of fall ingredients that will make you feel all cozy inside.  This is one for the adults to indulge in while the kiddies are drinking their cider.  Plus, it pretty much looks like cider.  Of course that can be a double edged sword.  Should the kids get a hold of this little drinkie-poo, you’ll have a very quiet night as they’ll pretty much sleep through the night.  On the other hand, if your kid gets his/her hands on this drink you’ll probably have the authorities banging on your door.  So keep a firm grip on this one.

As far as bourbon cocktails go, this one is actually quite versatile.  You could make it as is, or you could add a splash of cream (or even a vanilla flavored creamer) to it and sprinkle the top with cinnamon before serving.  That would make this fig bourbon cocktail even more luscious and decadent.

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Jessica / Green Skies and Sugar Trips September 30, 2011 at 11:30 am

I love bourbon, and figs, and all things fall. Naturally I will love this. (maybe I’ll add some cinnamon to the syrup)

*Side note, now I understand why men always try and sleep with me again, (and again and again) long after their expiration date; that classic combination of crazy and amazing sex I’ve got going on. (Plus those quasi naked pics have done wonders for my blog thanks to those sorts of men) So thank you for making it make sense to me.

**Second side note, you’re f’ing spectacular, seriously. you rock.


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