Mexican Braised Beef Machaca Recipe

by Pamela

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Have ya’ll started your Christmas shopping yet?  C’mon, fess up…have you really started your shopping yet?  Yes, I know you make yummy gifts for people like I do but let’s face it, you can’t make those homemade Christmas candy for everyone on your list.  There are those materialistic pricks that you still have to buy stuff for.  (And yes, I can call them that because I too am a materialistic prick….I can’t make soup in my hands people, I want and need that saucepan.)

I have not started my shopping yet.  Usually by now, I’m actually done.  I don’t do my shopping at the physical stores.  I’ll probably get my girl card revoked for admitting this, but I hate shopping.  I can’t deal with the insufferable workers at the store who offer to help but have no idea where anything is.  I especially can’t deal with the other shoppers who have no concept of the fact that other people exist and are in their midst as they shove past, grab from and run over with carts anyone who may be nearby.  And don’t get me started on the phantom kids who appear out of nowhere and wreak havoc in the aisles with their screaming, peeing on the floor and racing around with carts (I had no idea that stores had become the new daycare).  Give me a monitor and a keyboard and my shopping is complete.

But then there’s Target (or Tar-jhey if you like to feel that you buy everything from a boutique store).  Unfortunately, I can’t do all of my shopping online.  So for all those other essential things I haul my butt over to Target.  Slipping away in the middle of my day to head over there is like heading out for a clandestine meetup with my illicit lover.  My local store is one of those super stores that’s really nice inside and even has some designer clothes.  I don’t dare wear anything less than my nicest jeans and shoes.  I even go so far as to make sure I’m freshly showered and made up.  See, just like meeting a lover.  I wander around fingering things and salivating over every little thing.  I load up my cart (with way more things than I need but each has a sparkling finish and is a reminder of the precious time I spent with my forbidden love) and with each item that lands in the basket I feel myself coming ever closer to climax.  When I get home, I rush around putting everything away so as not to give a clue as to my secret rendezvous, but the rosy flush of my cheeks is a dead giveaway.  I fear, as much as I need to end this relationship I am unable to resist its charms.


Beef Machaca Breakfast

Of course, like any sexed up red blooded American woman the only thing I want to do after working myself into a lather is eat.  Okay, maybe I’m weird like that.  But I’m smart and weird, because before I left for my little meet up I put a huge pot of meat in the oven (no, that is not a euphemism for sex).  No, that pot contained an amazing mixture of ingredients so that when I was ready to chow down, I would have some seriously delicious braised beef.  Plus, what better way to cover up my afternoon activities than with a braised brisket to lay before Craig.

Mind you, this isn’t the braised beef brisket that you’re probably thinking of.  No, this braised brisket found itself front and center in a machaca recipe that will curl your toes it’s so good.

You’ve probably heard of beef machaca before, but weren’t too sure what it really was.  To put it simply, beef machaca is the shredded Mexican beef you find filling tacos and burritos (and I’m not talking about the filling found in those pseudo Mexican food places that rhyme with Schmaco Smell or Gel Schmaco).  Nope, this is the shredded Mexican beef that fills those Mexican favorites that you find at real taquerias.

This machaca recipe has lots and lots of different flavors going on.  There really isn’t any one that stands out, they all blend really well together.  Plus it’s super simple to make.  You just need to plan a little ahead, because the meat needs to rest overnight with a rub on it before you can start the braising.


Beef Machaca Ready for Tacos or Burritos

A braised beef dish is something that works really well this time of year.  For starters, it makes your kitchen nice and warm (and smell fantastic).  But this machaca recipe makes a lot of meat.  So you can have this in tacos on the first night and the next day make some gigantic burritos.  The other way you can use this braised brisket recipe is for a delicious breakfast.  I topped a pile of the meat with two sunny side up eggs and paired it with some refried beans, avocado, sour cream and pico de gallo (see top picture).  Egg and shredded Mexican beef is a match made in heaven.

Relationship Advice

I recently had a conversation with one of my best friends from high school.  I love catching up with her because her perspective on things is hilarious.  Plus, I had to tell her about my illicit affair with Tar-jhey.  Turns out the bastard is two timing me with her.  After being away from our hometown for several years, she moved back a couple of years ago (by choice) which is something I have vowed never to to do.

But there are lots of people that we went to school that are still in the area, so we spent some time catching up on what everyone back there has been up to.  Which then got me to thinking about the things I’ve learned about boys since high school.

  • Going steady is not the be-all end-all.  In fact, it pretty much means nothing.  It means about as much as when a guy says “don’t worry, I’ll pull out.”
  • Writing angsty poetry, love songs and letters that you crumble up in a ball and throw away are pointless.  Unless you kept them all and are able to scribble in some pithy dialogue in between, then you might have a billion dollar tear stained YA literary goldmine.
  • Boys who kiss like slobbery dogs in high school never learn how to kiss any better.  (Proven fact.)
  • The boy who chases you throughout high school, will inevitably embarrass you at the first high school reunion you attend, so go alone.
  • The really cute boy you crushed on in high school will most likely lose his hair and gain 40 pounds by the time you see him next after graduation.

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Kristi January 29, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Had this for dinner with rice – delicious! However: do not be tempted to toss the overnight mixture into the Dutch oven before the 4 hours’ cooking time, unless you like very, very salty. I served it with yogurt (and tabasco) to help cut the salt, to some success. Anyway it was yummy and we have leftovers, yay!

Rosa December 13, 2011 at 12:44 pm

Good spin on breakfast.

Feast on the Cheap December 8, 2011 at 12:40 pm

This is exactly what I’ve been craving. Looks sooooo good.

Nelly Rodriguez December 7, 2011 at 6:42 pm

This is definitely my kind of breakfast! Love it!

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