A Not So Classic Cocktail: The Cranberry Daiquiri

by Pamela

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Another year is almost gone.  Some of you are happy about that and some of you are not so happy.  I’m fairly indifferent about the whole situation.  I don’t have anything to complain about, it’s just that I don’t get all wound up in the end of the year mindset that some do.  As I said the other day, in my post, I don’t believe in resolutions.  That being said, I do believe in making changes in yourself or the things that you do to make yourself and your surroundings better.

I do self-improvement things all year long.  Some work and some, well….not so much.  Sometimes the improvements aren’t necessarily meant to be permanent, but more of a wake up call.  Like when I do my cleanses.  It’s more about calling attention to my sometimes wretched eating habits, than a dietary lifestyle that will remain with me 24/7.

I’ve recently started to rid my life of things that really piss me off, or even really irritate me.  Of course, there are some of those things I can’t control like: the horrible traffic on the 405 freeway, sales calls that come after 7 pm, the raccoon that taunts my dog at 8:30 at night and my husband relentlessly piling garbage on top of my desk.  But the things that I can eliminate, have been getting the ol’ heave ho around here.  Things like: people that tweet way too much gratuitous crap and stumble every little bug they see….unfollowed.  I don’t have time for your irritating twats and trips.  E-mail lists that I’ve gotten on, either by buying something once or somebody thinking that my readers care that your company now makes cosmic purple condoms are being unsubscribed from and/or receiving responses from me that clarify to them that neither I nor my readers care about your technicolor condoms.  I can honestly tell you that doing these couple of things is more cathartic than deleting your entire e-mail in box and frees up a lot of your time.

So after all that talk of douchebaggery and irritants, let’s move on to a topic that’s much more pleasurable, shall we?  Cocktails…or more specifically: a classic cocktail…the daiquiri.

I’ve discussed the daiquiri on here before, but possibly in your drunken haze or food coma state you don’t remember the discussion.  Let me refresh your addled brain.  Hemingway (as in Ernest…the writer) is credited for concocting the original daiquiri recipe.  And if he doesn’t strike you as the frozen and whipped cream type, it’s because he wasn’t.  The classic cocktail (known as the daiquiri) contained absolutely no dairy products and the only ice was in cube form.  Yes, his idea of a daiquiri, and the much bastardized version of today, both qualify as rum drinks but one is cool and the other is sissy.  The only way whipped cream is cool, is if it is covering sexy bits and is destined to be licked off.  It should not be topping drinks. <steps off soapbox>

Since I still had a bag of cranberries floating around in my fridge I thought it might be kind of cool to make up a cocktail, that has some holiday flavors in it (and use up some more left overs), for our little NYE get together.  I realize this is not your traditional cranberry cocktail but is anything on my site traditional?  Besides, everyone does champagne drinks for NYE why not be a little different and offer some rum drinks at your bar this year?

And yes, a cranberry cocktail generally has store bought cranberry juice in it.  But making a cranberry simple syrup is a much tastier addition to the cocktail.  Plus, it allowed room for some fresh clementine juice.

So, enjoy!

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Lana December 31, 2011 at 2:06 pm

I was reserving my remaining bag of cranberries for Barb’s Cranberry Liqueur, but now I have to buy another one and try your cocktail.
Yes, I had plenty of arguments over the nature of the original daiquiri and pretty much abhor the frozen, sissy kind (don’t get me started on whipped cream:)
I enjoyed spending time with you Thursday and look forward to seeing you more often this year.
BTW, Vince says that visiting your house last winter is the reason we live in South Bay now:)
Happy New Year to you and Craig! Cheers to getting rid of all unnecessary annoyances!

Priscilla December 31, 2011 at 12:37 am

Ooh, i love adding flavors to my simple syrups and, although not a heavy rum drinker, I’m buying more cranberries just to try this cocktail and toast Hemingway tmro night! Cheers to 2012 and cathartic cleanses :)

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