Easy Lamb Recipe: Lamb Kibbeh with Parsley Salad

by Pamela

ground lamb, easy lamb recipe, bulgur wheat, lamb kibbeh
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Overheard conversation on February 14, 2012….

Wife: Hi honey, Happy Valentine’s Day! <kiss> How was your day?
Husband: Eh…You know…the usual, but not too bad.  Happy Valentine’s Day Honey <kiss – hands her gift wrapped box>
Wife:  Oh sweetheart, you are amazing…you do listen to me after all.  I love it! (I have no clue what she opened…I was eavesdropping)  This is for you.
Husband: Of course I listen to you, I love you. <opens box and chuckles> Thanks hon, this is cool I can definitely use this. <kiss>
Wife: Now I’ve got something else for you…come here…. (insert Frank Sinatra music here – what can I say, my neighbors people are predictable like that.)

Conversation between Craig and I on February 14, 2012

Me:  Hi Honey, Happy Valentine’s Day!  How was your day?
Me: I love you. <kiss>
Me:  Not only did I finally get new wipers for the car, but I got them changed out too.  Now you don’t have to do that.
C:  OMG…that is THE.BEST.VALENTINE’S.DAY.PRESENT.EVER!  <kiss-kiss-kiss>  I love you so much!
Me: I know, I rule!

Yeah, we’re quite the romantic couple aren’t we.  Hey, don’t judge.  We exchanged cards at the ass crack of dawn while we were waiting for the coffee to brew.

I guess it would come as no surprise to you, after reading this ultra romantic exchange, that holidays aren’t really something we make a big deal about.  (We’re a pretty low maintenance couple.)  Holidays are acknowledged, but we tend to do things for each other randomly throughout the year.  It’s a bit more of a surprise that way and feels a little more genuine.  Plus, it makes me feel better on those days when I am convinced he doesn’t listen to a word I say then days later he comes home with something that I just mentioned in passing.

easy lamb recipe - lamb kibbeh

Craig’s latest request to me has been that I serve him “normal” food and quit making “weird” food.  By weird, he’s referring to the rabbit recipes that I’ve been making lately.  Yes, I’ve got more coming.  So no, I haven’t turned the kitchen into a chemistry set and started into molecular gastronomy.  Off the beaten path isn’t something Craig appreciates too much.

To placate his request, I broke out the ground lamb, which is about as much “weirdness” as he wants.  Given that half of the lamb recipes on this site use ground lamb, it’s safe to say this is a familiar protein for him, and thankfully one that he likes (since I am a lamb fiend and it’s going to be served up anyway…kind of like the rabbit).

Being a fan of Middle Eastern dishes, lamb kibbeh is something I frequently get from my local hole in the wall.  But I’m not too thrilled that it’s fried.  So I set out to recreate this easy lamb recipe that uses ground lamb and bulgur wheat for a filling and delicious change of pace from lamb burgers or meatballs.

You might be familiar with bulgur wheat from another popular Middle Eastern dish called tabbouleh.  But did you know that bulgur wheat is a whole grain that’s extremely nutritious?  It’s also high in fiber and protein and is an excellent (and more nutritious) substitute for white rice in many dishes.

One of the things that makes this an easy lamb recipe is the fact that you mix everything up in a bowl then press it into a pan and bake it – easy peasy.  Which means you’ve only got a couple of dishes to clean up when dinner’s done.  If you use one of those glass baking dishes, that has a lid, you can let the kibbeh cool, pop a lid on it and pop it into the fridge (even less stuff to have to wash).  I’m a bit obsessed with not having to wash dishes, since I don’t have any kitchen elves to help with this chore.

 Relationship Advice

I realize that not everyone is so low maintenance (and trust me…sometimes I can be pretty high maintenance).  But how can you tell if that person you’re seeing is high maintenance?  I mean, do you really need one more project in your life?  And let’s face it, people that fall into this category become something that you begin to resent over time, not love.

  • Expectations of expensive gifts – you give her a key to your apartment and she scrunches up her face and whines “but I wanted that diamond key pendant from Tiffany’s that I showed you in that magazine, not this.”
  • Mirror time – He spends more time in front of the mirror than you do.  The fact that he has more hair and face products in his bathroom than you do should have been your first clue.
  • Food issues – She claims she can’t eat this or that and each item has some long convoluted reason why she can’t put it in her mouth (that goes for other things too).  But when you ask her what she would like to eat, she can never seem to come up with anything.
  • Mama’s boy – He’s on the phone with his mother 2 or more times a week (and she’s not sick).  Is he constantly asking her questions about how to do simple household tasks or asking her to send him his favorite cookies?

These are some of the big classic signs that this person is probably more trouble than they’re worth…time to head for the hills.





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Jenny @ Savour the Senses February 17, 2012 at 3:55 pm

When I first saw this, I thought it was a dessert hahaWhat a pretty dinner! Sounds delicious =)

sippitysup February 15, 2012 at 4:40 pm

It’s like kibble for humans! GREG

Sara{OneTribeGourmet} February 15, 2012 at 2:14 pm

love love Kibbeh…yours look delicious especially with the tasty Tahini sacue!

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