Ranch Flavored Baked Pita Chips Recipe

by Pamela

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Have you become as addicted to baked pita chips as I have?  There’s just something about all that crunch and the different flavors that they come in that has me constantly reaching for a bag of them.  Well, no more.  I’ve got a pita chips recipe that will save you both money and calories by allowing you to make this yummy treat at home.

I have been in a munchies kind of mood as of late.  Anyone else?  I can’t figure out if it’s because of the time change, the change in weather or if it’s an attempt, by my subconscious, to keep me from fitting into my shorts this summer.  Whatever it is, it’s not going away just by munching on a bunch of carrots.

After a few, less than tasty, attempts at making vegetable chips and wasabi peas (but I swear I’m going to nail that one…I think I’m close) I gave in and started looking at other crunchy carbs to soothe my craving.


I’ve been a fan of those store bought baked pita chips for a while, but they’re pretty expensive to keep around all of the time and the fat content per serving is a bit off putting.  Then I found a local store chain that had their own pita chips, but they were fried.  That’s just what I need…fried bread.

I already knew how to make baked pita chips (pita bread + knife + oven =  pita chips).  It’s not rocket science.  But the trick was to get some flavoring in there that went beyond plain pita flavor or just some herbs.  I really wanted a ranch flavored baked pita chips recipe.  Of course, I could have bought one of those flavor packets of ranch dressing mix, but how hard could it be to make my own ranch dressing mix?  Plus, whatever mix I had leftover, I could use to make up actual ranch dressing whenever I wanted and not worry about it going bad.  (Have you ever had food poisoning from ranch dressing?  It sucks!)

So off to the internets I went, in search of an acceptable ranch flavored mixture that would suit my tastes.  There’s a lot of them out there.  So I found a few and played around with them until I found the mixture that I thought was pretty damn good.  The hardest part was finding a mixture that still gives you that dairy flavor on a chip, since I couldn’t use a liquid form of dairy for the pita chips.

Of course, I was pretty happy with the fact that now I would have another homemade salad dressing that I could make up, and not just the usual vinaigrette.  Craig was also happy that ranch dressing would be making a comeback to our house.  (After I got so sick, I never had a ranch dressing mix or bottle of ranch dressing in the house again.)

These pita chips did not last long after they came out of the oven.  Once I was able to take some  pictures, I think they lasted about 20 minutes.  They’re just that good.  This is another one of those great party snack recipes.  It’s easy to make, easy to store and is sure to be a big hit with your party guests.  Since these are already ranch flavored, we ate them plain.  If you’re having a party, you could add a different spice blend like cumin, coriander and salt then serve them with salsa.  Or just sprinkle them with some salt and serve them with a big bowl of hummus.

One of the other things that’s great about making your own pita chips, is that you can make them with whatever kind of pita bread you want.  If you’re trying to get your kids to eat more whole grains, buy whole grain pita for the recipe and pop a few in their lunch.  They’ll be thrilled that they get chips in their lunch and you’ll be happy that their getting whole grains.

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