Summer Cocktail Recipes: Luscious Sgroppino

by Pamela

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As sexy and as sloppy as it sounds, Sgroppino is one of those things that will change your tastes forever. Summer cocktail recipes have never been so good. I mean really, doesn’t that word (Sgroppino) sound like some kind of hot and dirty sexual position? Leave it to those hot and steamy Italians to create a delicious summer cocktail that will have you panting and craving for more of this ice cold lemony treat.

Remember when I posted that deliciously herbal lemon sorbet on Monday and I told you to check out the site on Friday?  Well, it’s Friday and I’m coming through as promised.

If, by any chance, you have some of that sorbet left over you’re in luck because that’s what you need to make this sgroppino. Yes, this refreshing summertime cocktail is made with nothing more than sorbet, vodka and some bubbly. I say bubbly because you could use Champagne (if you’re pretentious), Cava, or Prosecco. Of course, Prosecco would be the first choice since it is Italian bubbly after all.

There are plenty of lemon cocktail recipes out there. I’ve even made a few. But this is the quintessential old school lemon cocktail recipe. Could you make it with some other flavor of sorbet? Absolutely, in fact, I have one coming up in a week or so. But the classic recipe calls for lemon sorbet.


You could definitely serve this year round, but it’s especially refreshing in the Summer. I mean, don’t you look to make specific summer cocktail recipes when it’s sweltering outside? You don’t just want something to drink, you want something to quench your thirst. Citrus fruits, and lemon in particular, are the go to ingredient to cut through that heat and humidity and get your salivary glands going.

I don’t use much of a recipe when I make up a batch of sgroppino, I just go by sight. You want it thick so that it doesn’t melt in just a couple of minutes, but you don’t want it milkshake thick. I don’t add so much vodka that you feel like your doing a kamikaze shot, but you want just enough to get that little buzz going. Then the Prosecco…this is where you need to be kind of an artist. The amount of bubbly you add to the sgroppino is going to determine the consistency. Start with a little less than you need and add more if you think it needs to be thinned out.

Try adding more lemon cocktail recipes to your existing list of summer cocktail recipes and watch your friends flock to your place when the temperatures start to rise.

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Recipe: Luscious Sgroppino



  1. Spoon all of the sorbet into a large bowl.
  2. Pour the vodka into that bowl.
  3. Pour in 1/2 cup Prosecco.
  4. Gently whisk all of these together. If you think the sgroppino is too thick, add 2 more tablespoons of Prosecco to the mixture. When whisking, start by gently mashing the whisk up and down. Once some of it has melted, you can start to slowly stir the mixture.
  5. Spoon or pour the sgroppino into glasses.
  6. Garnish with a lemon slice and a sprig of mint.

Quick notes

You can use homemade or store bought sorbet.

Preparation time: 10 minute(s)

Cooking time:

Diet type: Vegan

Diet tags: Gluten free

Number of servings (yield): 4

Culinary tradition: Italian



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Clement May 12, 2014 at 3:22 am

Since it’s already hot here, I’m going to start making this now. Who could wait until official summer?

LP @dishclips May 1, 2012 at 11:39 pm

Looks refreshing and delicious. Thanks for sharing!

Dominik MJ • the opinionated alchemist April 28, 2012 at 5:42 pm

There are different recipes for Sgroppino in different parts of Italy. All are using lemon sorbet, and most Prosecco – but some are omitting vodka and some are using limoncello…
I guess, vodka can really be skipped here…

Pamela April 29, 2012 at 9:46 am

Limoncello is fantastic in sgroppino. I didn’t add it in here since the sorbet I used had the herbal flavors and I wanted them to still be noticeable over the lemon. But limoncello is definitely a keeper for this recipe.

Wendy Read April 28, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Oh yes! This cocktail looks really yummy 🙂 We are coming into summer here now in Florida as you are too…this one is going on my summer list! Thanks for posting.

Pamela April 29, 2012 at 9:47 am

This is definitely something that would be welcomed with that Florida heat and humidity.

Maureen @ Orgasmic Chef April 28, 2012 at 5:53 am

It’s no longer summer here. In fact it’s started to get cold but I swear I could drink one of these anyway. Now.

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