An Easy Salsa Recipe: Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

by Pamela

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Getting great flavors from food doesn’t always require an 8 hour braise, sourcing ingredients from the highest mountain tops picked by the tiny fingers of a remote tribe or scouring the black market for mystical spices and seasonings. Sometimes all it takes is 20 minutes, a food processor and fresh ingredients. Really, sometimes it really is just.that.easy. This fresh and zippy tomatillo salsa is one tasty example of this. You won’t believe that an easy salsa recipe like this could taste this good.

Every year that I’ve been in California, I have either had a patio garden or an actual in-the-ground garden. I pride myself on my Midwestern garden growing skills that I learned from my parents. I get tomato plants that grow 6-8 feet tall, cucumber vines trailing through the yard and rosemary that is big enough to house every bird family in our neighborhood. This year…not so much.

What started out as a beautiful, albeit much smaller planting of some of my favorite summer fruits and vegetables now looks like the bastardized step child of the garden from Hell. Except for my tomatillo plants.

Fresh salsa recipe

At four feet tall and loaded with flowers, I knew it was going to be a banner year for them and I started preparing all kinds of tomatillo recipes in my mind. Of course they all went out the window right after I made my first batch of tomatillo salsa. We’ve been eating tomatillo salsa, for the last couple of months, in and on pretty everything around here (good thing we like it). Up until recently, I had been making this roasted tomatillo salsa that I posted last year. But now I/we are absolutely hooked on this fresh salsa recipe.

You may have noticed that the tomatillos in the photo above aren’t just the usual green in the equally green paper husks. Tomatillos actually come in a variety of colors with green being the most common up to that deep purple/blue color of those above. My one bush put out only green and the other set on these gorgeous purple blue tomatillos. The purple fruits are a bit sweeter and less tangy than their green counterparts. As for the husks…well, that coloration is mostly due to my laziness in getting them picked. Eventually, the husks dry out and stick to the fruit, but they still peel off easily and the fruit is fine.

I decided to make the fresh salsa recipe, as opposed to the roasted version, because it’s been so damn hot around here that I just didn’t want to turn on my oven. That also means that this easy salsa recipe only takes a few minutes to whip together instead of the longer time to make the roasted tomatillo salsa. In fact, the step that takes the longest to do on this recipe is roasting the pasilla pepper (to get the skin off).

Tomatillo salsa is an easy salsa recipe to make

Tomatillos are pretty easy to find in most supermarkets these days, and with this easy salsa recipe at your fingertips, there are no more excuses to have to buy it when you can make it yourself. So break out your quart jars and start making this fresh salsa recipe ASAP!

As for the gratuitous use of tomatillo photos…I just couldn’t resist. I’ve never grown the purple one’s before and I thought they were pretty. Have you ever seen the purple tomatillo’s in your market?

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Belinda @zomppa August 22, 2012 at 4:39 pm

Fresh tomatillos! It’s so great when lovely simple ingredients create such complex flavors!

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