Say it With Me: Sangrita…Sangrita…Sangrita

by Pamela

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This has been a week that’s called for drinking glasses of tequila with a tequila chaser. To say it was a bad week would not be doing the past 7 days justice at all, but since my mother reads this blog (and is not beyond jumping on a plane and washing my mouth out with soap) I’m going to refrain from using the words that TRULY describe the week that was. Since glasses of tequila, with a tequila back, were getting a bit monotonous I opted for making up a little batch of sangrita to sip in between the glasses and shot glasses.

No, I did not say sangria…I said sangrITA. This little known (outside of tequila quaffing circles) sweet and sour sipper is the quintessential palate cleanser for sipping on the agave nectar of the Gods (not the sugary stuff….the REAL nectar of the Gods – tequila).

As in most cocktail history lore, there are lots of stories about where it was first concocted it, who made it and what the ‘real’ sangrita recipe is. Even though sangrita isn’t actually a cocktail, it’s roots lie in cocktailia…so it’s kind of a guilt by association type thing that it too has a sketchy history.

Sangrita is not used in the same way as that lick of salt and wedge of lime quickly stuffed between your lips. No, that little trick is to help you forget that you just threw back a shot glass full of kerosene and make you feel a little better about it. Sangrita, served in small portions, is meant to be sipped in between your sips (notice I said sips) of tequila. Yes Johnny, good tequila is meant to be sipped straight up…not shot down your throat leaving your innards feeling like you got the wedgie of all wedgies from going down a water slide at mach 10. A good tequila is to be enjoyed and savored and sangrita can help you enjoy the moment a little bit more.

There are as many sangrita recipes as there are bartenders, but the basic recipe includes citrus, some sweetness and a bit of heat. You’ll find those that swear by including tomato and those that declare anything including tomato to be nothing but glorified bloody Mary mix. Sometimes I’ll include tomato, but to keep it from crossing over into the Mary area, I’ll use roasted tomato. But I generally keep things pretty simple.

I’m no sangrita expert, but those that are create a specific sangrita recipe to pair with a specific tequila to further enhance the flavor profile of that tequila (or even mezcal).

So here’s to a great weekend and a better week ahead everybody…CHEERS!

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If you haven't figured out the difference between your wife and a candy're in serious trouble.

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foodwanderings August 26, 2012 at 4:29 pm

ahahaha cracking up at the relationship advice. Must show the hubs though he likes my curves! lol Sangrita, now that is new, but tequila makes me ridiculously happy. Love the touches of chipotle and paprika and the color is superb!

Pamela August 27, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Thanks. It’s really a nice little sipper in between the tequila.

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