Breakfast or Brunch Recipes: Bacon Savory Pies

by Pamela

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Brunch recipes aren’t necessarily something you go looking for everyday, but when you need one…you need one. But did you ever think that a recipe that’s great for brunch might just make for light and delicious dinner? Brunch recipes are perfect for dinner. Just pair the dish up with a vegetable or salad and you you’ve a got delicious dinner that usually doesn’t require hours in the kitchen and might just make you feel like you’re eating breakfast for dinner. And who doesn’t like to do that every once in a while?

Full disclosure, the opening paragraph of this post might be a bit misleading. Yes, it is about some great brunch recipes and yes, they do make for a fantastic breakfast (albeit an indulgent one) or a really nice dinner, but you won’t actually feel like your eating breakfast with these recipes (except of course for the fact that you WILL be eating bacon). That being said…I still stand by my words that brunch recipes do make for some really great dinner recipes.

I wasn’t really sure what I should call these. At first I thought I’d call them savory crostadas (cuz they are) and then I thought maybe savory pies sounded better, but then I thought that some of you might want to call them savory tarts. In the end, I don’t really care what you call them other than delicious.

A savory crostada for brunch or dinner

The first of the savory pies (let’s just go with that one for now) is a bacon and onion pie. The smoky bacon and sweet caramelized onions pair really well with the nutty manchego cheese that layers the bottom of the pie and dots the top. Of course the buttery flaky crust conceals a bit of a secret in the form of Parmesan cheese which adds to the overall indulgent feeling you get when eating this savory pie. We had it for dinner and I paired it with a nice glass of Rioja. That was kind of a no brainer since the Manchego cheese is Spanish, but the Rioja blends with the smoky bacon really nicely too. Oh I made a side salad too, for those of you who think the only side dish I have is a glass of wine. ;)

Savory pies brunch recipes

The second of the savory pies is the one that I call the BLT crostada. It starts with a thin layer of Manchego cheese on the bottom and is then liberally covered in caramelized onions, halved cherry tomatoes and smokey bacon. Just as it finishes cooking, I toss a handful of mixed baby lettuces on top and let them slightly wilt. I’m not sure which of these two I like better. And neither does Craig.

As with any pie recipe, the whole thing really relies on a delicious crust. If the crust tastes like cardboard, it doesn’t matter if you pile 20 pounds of the finest bacon and caramelized onions on top, the whole pie is just going to taste bad. My favorite pie crust recipe to use for these savory pies is one that I’ve used before to make my version of pop tarts (a sweet take on the basic crust recipe) and for some Italian sausage bites (a savory crust recipe).

Savory crostada recipes for brunch or dinner

Whether you decide that the bacon and onion or blt crostada is your favorite makes no difference to me, I like them both. But, you could really have some fun with this recipe and top it with pretty much whatever you like. You could even use different cheese in the crust if that suits you better. Or, if you don’t feel like making both of these, you can take the leftover ball of dough and freeze it (for up to 2 months) and use it later. Just make sure that you wrap it properly before dropping it into a freezer bag and giving it the deep freeze. (Freezer burned dough tastes as bad as cardboard crust.)

Since Craig is now pestering me to make another one of these pies, I need to run for now. But let me know what you would top yours with and if you would serve this for brunch, breakfast or dinner.

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Everything really is better with bacon.

 Everything really is better with bacon.

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Yikes! I had an absolutely delectable supper, but now I am drooling hungry all over again!

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