Easy Salmon Recipes: Salmon Burgers with Tangy Parsley Sauce

by Pamela

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Homemade salmon burgers are an easy to make and delicious alternative to your standard meat burgers. These use fresh, wild salmon so they don’t have that fishy canned flavor. They’re perfect served with a tangy parsley sauce by themselves or topped with a few lettuce leaves on a bun. They’re a great way to get your daily dose of Omega 3’s.

I know that there is an ongoing burger battle regarding what meat blends are best, which toppings are best, what kind of bun enhances all the sloppy, drippy goodness of a burger. I am TOTALLY aware. But at the end of the day…I just want something simple and a bit lighter than all of that, much to Craig’s dismay. Because when I said I was making salmon burgers, he selectively decided not to hear the salmon part and gave me a ration of crap when he saw the pink/orange patty on his bun. Big surprise, he got over it.

Growing up, my mom made salmon patties (which I suppose the proper term for what she made is actually salmon cakes – whatever). They were good. She used the canned salmon and mixed it up with some seasoning, formed the patties/cakes and pan fried them. These were the salmon burgers I have been making ever since…until recently.

I picked up a can of salmon one day and just thought…can’t I just make salmon cakes using fresh salmon? Why does it need to be cooked first? A lot of times they come out like salmon flavored particle board. From what I’ve been able to piece together, I couldn’t make salmon cakes from fresh salmon (it seems that those are made from previously cooked salmon) but I could make salmon burgers from the fresh fish.

Easy salmon recipes - salmon burgers

I started by using the same ingredient mixture I grew up with and then poked around to see how others were making their salmon burgers. I quickly realized that this would not be one of my go to easy salmon recipes if I followed what some of these other people were doing and right now, I don’t need complicated anything in my life…let alone my kitchen. Are you with me on this?

Bottom line…these salmon burgers definitely belong in your recipe box, filed under easy salmon recipes. You can put these together in about 10-15 minutes, they don’t use eggs and they don’t use bread crumbs (so you can serve these to people who have allergies or are doing the gluten free thing). If you’re wondering how they stick together it’s really quite simple, the salmon holds itself together. You could really go crazy with the seasonings (if you want) but I’ve kept them really simple to enjoy the flavor of the salmon.

Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to find wild salmon on sale (which there have been quite a few good sales here this time of year) you can make up a bunch of these and freeze them so that you have them for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner.

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CJ at Food Stories October 11, 2012 at 7:44 am

I have never made salmon burgers from fresh but this does look interesting … Happy Thursday :-)

Belinda @zomppa October 10, 2012 at 8:44 pm

I simply love salmon burgers but never made them on my own. Love the sauce too.

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