St Patrick’s Day Food Roundup – Eating the Green and Guinness

by Pamela

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A St Patrick’s Day recipe roundup that will get you fed and watered appropriately for the holiday. Including a recipe for what to do with all that corned beef you’ll have left over. (Did you really think you’d eat that 20 pound slab of corned brisket all in one night?)

If you haven’t figured it out by looking at Pinterest, or visiting your local grocery mecca…St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend. Being that I’m a redhead, I take full advantage of the day by accepting the occasional free cocktail from those insisting that I must be Irish (simply due to my red hair). Don’t be a hater.  I try to turn down the drinks, but one can only hold out for so long before some drunk “poet” offers me a drink and follows up my “dis” with “the lady doth protest too much, me thinks.” It’s funny how some people become so astoundingly literate when they’re half in the bag. I’m sure that same person, sober, couldn’t come up with that line.

On to more important topics….

These recipes are some of the most popular recipes on my site. A couple of them also happen to be my favorites so I thought I would put them all into one easy to find place as you try to decide what St Patrick’s Day food you’ll be eating and, of course, drinking on St. Paddy’s Day.

I think any St Patrick’s Day food lineup (or any lineup for that matter) should start with dessert. I suppose that might be kind of obvious since the largest photo in this collage is a dessert. Of course, being that these are St Patrick’s Day recipes it’s a picture of my favorite mint chocolate brownie recipe. Grab one of these with a tall, cold glass of milk and any trouble you had during the day will magically just disappear. I swear! It’s true!

The upper right hand corner photograph is an “official” Irish recipe. As you can see, it uses Guinness (Irish beer, in case you were born under a rock) and the recipe is from Irish chef Stuart O’keeffe. His Guinness braised short ribs recipe is sinfully delicious. That long, slow braise makes the meat so tender it almost melts as soon as it hits your tongue. Served up with mashed potatoes (or more officially – a big pile of colcannon) and you’ll be set for the evening.

If you’re looking for a St Patrick’s Day cocktail recipe that doesn’t include Guinness beer or Irish Whiskey, look no further than this juicy avocado margarita recipe. I realize that there’s not much about a margarita that screams St. Patrick’s Day but hey, it’s green! So this one will let you get into the wearin’ o’ the green spirit (well, if you spill it on yourself or end up hurling up one too many of them) or at least the carryin’ of the green. Ugh! It’s green, it goes with the day. Moving on….

Then we’ve got St Patrick’s Day food that’s all dessert. This Guinness chocolate cake recipe is a bit on the long side, but totally over the top in flavor. You’ve got the obligatory Guinness, in the cake itself, but the Irish goodness doesn’t stop there. Nope! For good measure, there a nice bit of Irish whiskey in the Italian meringue frosting holding it all together. Of course I can’t forget the rich ganache topping poured over the top – just to add to it’s ridiculous greatness.

Guinness again…My favorite Irish chef, Stuart O’Keeffe shared his Guinness milkshake recipe with me. This lusty libation fills the need for Guinness and chocolate in a most refreshing way. Who needs one of those stinkin’ shamrock shakes? That green mess has got nothing on this chilly glass of goodness.

And finally, in answer to the question of “what am I going to do with all of this leftover corned beef?” A fantastic leftover corned beef recipe: corned beef hash. What’s not to love about a recipe that uses up every last bit of last night’s dinner and makes it taste like something completely different? This leftover corned beef recipe uses all of those traditional side dishes to the Irish dinner including the potatoes and cabbage. And it also addresses that age old conundrum of “can I really eat breakfast for dinner?” Or in this case…”Can I really eat dinner for breakfast”. (If you can’t dazzle ’em with greatness, confuse ’em with logic I say.)

So what’s going to be gracing your table on Sunday?



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