Take a Trip Through Texas’ Bluebonnet Trails

by Pamela

Take a Trip Through Texas' Bluebonnet Trails

As soon as the last bits of winter erode from the Texas ground, people start to wonder when the bluebonnets are going appear. Of course not being a native Texan I just want to know when the bluebonnets will be popping out so I can go see them knowing it will be one of the last enjoyable weather days I’ll get to experience for the next 6 months or so.

Texas…home to oil, cowboys, big hair and bluebonnets (the latter of which are definitely the prettiest).

Bluebonnet Trail

Last year I learned about the bluebonnets from hitting up the nurseries when I was putting in my garden. Sure, I was familiar with the concept of flowers blooming a certain time of the year, duh, but I had never heard about jumping in your car and going to see a particular area where there was an abundance of said flowers blooming.

Make no mistake…like big pickup trucks and Texas stars you’ll see the bluebonnets along the highways EVERYWHERE. Although only the bluebonnets are around in April…everything else is a year round thing.

Bluebonnet Trail

There are a few places, in Texas, where you can go on actual bluebell excursions but being that we live in Dallas, we chose to take the quick drive to Ennis, TX to see the bluebells. (There’s a large are outside of Austin that draws in much bigger numbers than Ennis.) Ennis, Texas is a cute town of around 18,000 people. They hold an annual bluebell festival every April to celebrate the state’s official flower. But since the flower is out and about, in pretty good numbers all month, their visitor’s bureau is open 6 days a week. (It was hopping on Saturday afternoon when we popped in for our map.)

Bluebonnet Trail

While there is one actual area where you can officially park your car, get out and take pictures of the bluebells (that would be Bluebonnet Park). The bluebells are actually part of what’s called Bluebonnet Trails. You jump in your car and follow a well marked map to see the bluebonnets in their “natural” territory. You’ll find the pretty flowers growing along the side of the road and fences, in fields, hanging out with cows, longhorn, horses and in the yards of both large ranches and regular houses. As long as there’s no “no trespassing” sign, you’re pretty much free to stand, crawl, walk, run or do pretty much anything else you wish in the bluebonnets.

We saw a few families attempting to wrangle their kids into some cute poses in the flowers. No doubt looking for some snaps to send to Grandma or for the annual Christmas card.

Bluebonnet Trail

Driving through the bluebonnet trail does require a bit of patience and tolerance. You’ll soon learn that some people were not meant for driving and sightseeing (it should be one or the other for them). You’ll need to be quick on your feet when trying to nail that perfect shot. (There will no doubt be a person or dog walking through your shot.) Have a  love of nature. There are plenty of horses and donkey’s (real one’s…not other people) that will demand that you take their picture and pet them. And not everyone grasps the concept of pulling completely off the side of the road before jumping out of their vehicle.

Bluebonnet Trail

But in true Texas spirit, everyone is friendly, will assist with directions (if they’re able), and you can start your tour with a kolache in both hands. There’s a very popular kolache bakery in the town of Ennis. There’s also a winery about 3/4 of the way through the trail, just in case you’re parched.

Of course no true Texas excursion can be had if there isn’t bbq somewhere along the way. Since we’re trying to sample barbecue from all the places that people have recommended to us, we finished up our day at an old school barbecue joint in Dallas…sweet tea included.

Bluebonnet Trail

Next time you’re in Dallas, in April, take some time to visit the Bluebonnet Trails. It really is a great way to spend a day.

Bluebonnet Trail

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Maureen | Orgasmic Chef April 7, 2015 at 8:27 am

What a lovely set of photos. Every one of them makes me want to visit Texas again.

Pamela April 7, 2015 at 8:53 am

Thanks Maureen. It really was a pretty trip. I’m happy to hear that the photos translated it well.

Sippitysup April 6, 2015 at 4:48 pm

When you lived in CA didn’t you ever jump in your car to the the orange hills ablaze with California Poppies? I make a special trip most years. We skipped this year because the drought means there were very few this year. GREG

Pamela April 6, 2015 at 6:35 pm

I never made that trip Greg. I did go down to Carlsbad for the ranuncula fields though. So pretty.

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