Special 3rd Birthday Cake

by Pamela

Special 3rd Birthday Cake

I’ve talked about the Cake Club that I belong to and this year is our groups 3rd anniversary. I put together this special 3rd birthday cake to help us celebrate.

If you don’t remember my post about Cake Club, the premise is this: make a cake that goes with that month’s theme, bring the cake (regardless of how it comes out), pour a glass of wine and eat a piece of each of the cakes. Yes, it’s just that simple. No judging and lots of eating and drinking. Yes, sometimes we have as many as 16 cakes at a meeting. At the end of the night, take home pieces of cake for you and your family to enjoy later. Sounds pretty great doesn’t it?

This year was our groups 3rd anniversary and we were supposed to make our choice of a birthday cake. I scoured the internet for ideas and found this number 3 cake and was immediately sold. I couldn’t find where this cake originated, as there were multiple versions of it floating around.

Special 3rd Birthday Cake

I baked my cakes and was all ready to start decorating it the next day for the meeting. Of course I woke up that morning with my left eye crusted shut…I had pinkeye! Off to the doctor I went and sent an email that I wouldn’t be making it to Cake Club that night. I found out that pink eye has been running rampant around our city so who knows where I picked it up. I washed my hands really well and plopped my beautiful cakes into the freezer.

Once I wasn’t contagious anymore I pulled the cakes out and made this pretty 3rd birthday cake. I had no intention of eating this much cake or even splitting it with Craig. Neither of us needs to eat that much cake. So it was going into work with Craig. (I’m so thankful he works in an office and doesn’t work from home…for so many reasons.) As it turns out, 3 of them (including Craig) had all been at the company for 3 years so it went from being a birthday cake to an anniversary cake.

To make things really easy on yourself, this cake is made from a boxed mix and uses canned frosting. I realize that’s blasphemy in the food blogging world, but I live in the real world. The purpose of this cake was more about being really cool looking as opposed to tasting different. I can tell you that this cake was a HUGE hit at Craig’s office. No one believed it was boxed. (I’ve been told that one way to make a boxed cake help retain its moisture is to freeze it for 24 hours before frosting it.)

Special 3rd Birthday Cake

If you don’t think you could make this cake you couldn’t be more wrong, it really is much easier to make than it looks. I used a small bundt cake pan for my circles. So it’s easier for you to get the correct shape, I took a picture of the raw cakes. All you need to do is count the bumps in the bundt cakes to find out where to cut. You may need to make small adjustments to get it looking exactly the way you want it to look, counting the bumps will get you to an excellent base.

Next, use some frosting to help attach the two pieces together then start frosting the cake. You don’t need to be precise when frosting because you’ll be covering it with m&m’s, but try to make it somewhat smooth.

To put the m&m’s on the cake, start at the bottom and begin lining them up. I used regular bags of m&m’s to decorate this cake. You’ll have lots of them leftover (like blue and orange) so if you have the need to eat the candy while you’re decorating, stick to those 2 colors. 😉

I’m sure if you make this cake for someone’s birthday or anniversary you’re going to be greatly thanked.

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Noble April 22, 2016 at 11:45 am

So Sue and I are sitting here and wondering how long it took to separate the M&M’s and place them in the cute design on the cake. I see no prep time for placing M&M’s ?

At least for the next Jeopardy question we know that the Blue and Orange are predominant in a bag of M&M’s ,, Sue always thought it was the brown one’s !

I can see you making us one !!

Pamela April 22, 2016 at 2:09 pm

Hi Noble, I didn’t separate the m&m’s before placing them on the cake, just poured them all into a big container. It took me a little over an hour to put all the candy on the cake. Considering it was pouring down rain at the time, it was a nice rainy day project. 😉

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