Blackberry Mojito

by Pamela

Blackberry Mojito

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed lately, but the blackberries have been huge and delicious…super sweet. So not to be content with tossing them into a bowl of fruit or cereal, I tossed them into a blender and whipped up a blackberry mojito (and it’s calling your name).

When we were in Barcelona last year we were fortunate to get a table at a restaurant called Arume. The restaurant is small and serves Spanish food with a bit of a twist. Of course I had to get the octopus and was completely amazed at how delicious it was. We also tried their paella as well – also delicious. But what really got us was the blackberry mojito they serve.

Walking into the restaurant you can’t help but notice the bar (it’s about 3 paces inside the door). There’s the usual bottles and glassware behind and above the bar but on the bar itself is a veritable garden. No exaggeration…there must have been 20-25 different herbs and fruits in the garden box on that bar. And they weren’t haphazardly just tossed into the box either, they were arranged as if a florist had just dropped by and performed his/her magic.

Easy Blackberry Mojito

After seeing this magical box of ingredients we just knew we had to order something other than a bottle of wine. We were so glad that we did. The glass they brought out to us was so purple it was practically black. Everything was expertly mixed so you tasted the sweetness of the blackberries, a hit of the lime and just a whisper of the mint. We, of course, had more than one.

The blackberries that have been coming in the past couple of weeks have taken me back to Barcelona and the flavor of the blackberry mojito…so of course I had to make one (or two… or more).

Instead of muddling everything in this mojito, which is traditional, I actually make most of this drink in the blender. I know that sounds like sacrilege, but hear me out on this. When you muddle the blackberries, they tend to stay at the bottom of the glass (due to their weight). When you blitz them in the blender they get all nice and cozy with the rest of the ingredients and mix throughout your glass, making every sip blackberry heaven.

This blackberry mojito is easy to make and so delicious I’m sure you’ll be drinking them well into the hot summer months.

Blackberry Mojito
Prep time
Total time
Grab your shaker because this blackberry mojito needs to made now! Sweet blackberries give the traditional mojito a flavorful kick.
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: Cuban
Serves: 1
  • 1½ ounces white rum
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 6-8 large blackeberries (6 if they're really big, 8 if they're not so big)
  • 2 -3 mint leaves
  • lime juice
  • 4 ounces club soda
  1. Pour the rum into a blender and add the sugar, blackberries and mint leaves.
  2. Put the lid on the blender and blitz until everything is well blended. (At this point you can strain the seeds if you like, but I leave them in so that I don't lose any of the good berry pulp.)
  3. Pour the blackberry mixture into a rocks glass and add ice.
  4. Squeeze half of a lime over top of the ice.
  5. Top off with club soda.
  6. Serve with a sprig of mint


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John/Kitchen Riffs May 11, 2016 at 8:56 am

That blender trick is a good idea. And so logical, given the weight of the blackberries. Haven’t had a blackberry mojito before — definitely something I have to remedy! Good recipe — thanks.

Pamela May 11, 2016 at 4:07 pm

Break out the blender John…it’s time!

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