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The One In Which I Talk About Paula Deen

Everyone’s been talking about Paula Deen and her diabetes.  I kept thinking that I wanted to jump into the fray and add my two cents (because, quite frankly, the discussion just wouldn’t be complete unless my voice was added to the deafening cacophony of peeps already chiming in on the sitch).  But I just couldn’t come up with the proper way to voice my opinion.  Then I had a couple of glasses of wine.  Funny how that happens isn’t it?

I had this vino before I broke the handle on my rabbit (the wine bottle opener…not the vibrator).  So I’m not so sure I’ll have moments of clarity like this until I get another bottle opener.

Paula Deen has been doing her “Southern cooking” for years.  I’ve been to the South several times and have yet to see, on any kind of a regular basis, doughnut hamburgers or many of these so called Southern delicacies that Paula concocts on her shows or in her books.  But if we are to believe that this is the food that Paula eats on a regular basis (which of course we do because we believe everything that we see) who among us was really surprised to learn that she has Type 2 diabetes (the kind that can be gotten, at least in part, through diet)?

TV cooking personalities or online food people usually mix things up a bit.  Sure they/we have a particular niche in the cooking world, but there is usually some kind of ebb and flow to the recipes that they do.  It may be a baking show/blog…but not every cupcake is a fat and calorie bomb.  Sometimes there’s a gluten free, sugar free, low fat, high fiber or vegan muffin thrown into the mix.  After all…man can not live by bread alone.  But Paula concocts one fat laden side dish, deep fried main course and sugar laden dessert recipe after another.

I suppose we’re the stupid one’s for thinking these are the only things that Paula eats (I’ve seen Paula in person and while yes, she’s overweight, she is by no means the size of someone who only eats those dishes) what is shown to us on television.  But I don’t think that’s what has caused this backlash.  In fact, no one is really angry with her for having diabetes or the food that she cooks.  The anger stems from the fact that while she didn’t tell us she was diabetic for 3 years (none of our business btw) it was the fact that concurrent with her revelation she also announced that she was partnering with a drug company.  Had she come out with her health statement and partnered with the company at a later point, I’m pretty sure that the uproar would have sound more like a tiny belch rather than something more reminiscent of the wretching in a Roman vomitorium.

I was thinking, as I wrote this, what was her publicist/PR person thinking when this was going on…and now we know…she quit last month.

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