Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

by Pamela

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

Does this scenario sound familiar—during the week, you keep your diet in check. You choose healthy foods with appropriate-sized portions. However, when the weekend hits and you’re on a date with your spouse or significant other, the diet goes out the window. You think, “I’m celebrating after a long and busy week, why not relax on the weekend?

Or you could be the one not following a diet, but your spouse or significant other is. How can you support your loved one in his or her weight loss goals without feeling like you’re restricting yourself? Maybe you’re both striving for weight loss goals, but going on dates makes it too tempting for both of you to forgo your usual, unhealthy eats.

Around here, we’re both trying to lose a few l b’s. It’s been going so-so given that I’m in the middle of writing 2 more cookbooks. But here are a few tricks that we’re using to get us more into our happy weight (and jeans).

Restaurant Steak
Let’s get something out of the way: you want a supportive spouse or you want to be a supportive spouse in the weight loss journey. Sometimes this feels like it’s easier said than done, especially when your date nights usually involve going out to a restaurant. Also, when you spend time with your spouse or significant other, you want to make the outing feel special—and eating your go-to healthy meals like salads or plain turkey slices just makes your taste buds feel bland after having them throughout the week.

With the right recipes and ingredients, you can eat your cake and have it too in regards to eating healthy and making a meal that feels special or romantic. By nature, eating out at a restaurant or planning a romantic dinner is special, which can make you feel like you or your spouse can justify a diet cheat day. However, allowing yourself or enabling your spouse to make choices that don’t support weight loss goals will do more harm than help.

Here are some ideas to create a romantic mood without sacrificing your weight loss goals:

Breakfast in Bed
Providing breakfast in bed is a classic romantic tradition. Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of a hot breakfast? So why not serve loads of health with loads of love? A high-protein breakfast is a great way to start up the metabolism. Egg-based dishes like omelets are an easy and tasty option to keep your diet or your spouse’s diet on track.

But what if your spouse or you have a soft spot for pancakes? This classic breakfast item is tasty but loaded with extra calories from sugar and fat. Food tech company Hampton creek is coming out with healthier alternative of this hearty meal. Just Pancake is a pancake mix among the lineup of products scheduled to come out later this year. Just Scramble, an egg-alterative egg mix, is also among the products that are debuting in the near future. The mission behind Hampton Creek products is that eating healthy should be affordable and accessible. It produces plant-based alternatives of food favorites—Just Mayo, Hampton Creek’s premiere product, uses a pea protein that creates the same creaminess as mayonnaise that’s traditionally made from egg yolk.

Warm Lentil Salad
A salad? If you’ve stuck with your diet through the week, having a romantic meal with the main entrée as a salad may not excite your taste buds. However, you never should judge a book by its cover; likewise, never judge a salad by its name. You may think that all salads are a bunch of leafy greens, but a salad can be served up as a healthy main dish. Consider making a mini caprese salad: it’s made of sliced up cherry tomatoes, mini mozzarella balls, slices of basil leaves, and drizzled with a pesto dressing. A taco salad with avocado, quinoa, and beans provide a hearty meal without sacrificing health.

Sometimes it’s all about presentation. Rolling up an Asian chicken salad into a thinly sliced cucumber wrap presents this classic salad in a whole new light.

Spinach Pasta
Nothing says romantic dinner like an Italian entrée. However, pasta is a tasty meal where it’s easy to go overboard with serving size. That’s why it’s not widely considered a healthy alternative. You can make a pasta dish healthier by choosing whole-wheat noodles or making zucchini noodles. Eat by candlelight to add a little bit of romantic ambiance.

Tweaking recipes to be a little bit healthier is a key way that you can stay on your diet or provide appropriate support—instead of enabling bad habits—to achieve weight loss goals.

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John/Kitchen Riffs June 22, 2016 at 9:02 am

Good tips! And yup, that’s me — super healthy diet throughout the week. And it all goes out the window on weekends. Gotta try some of your ideas — thanks!

Pamela June 22, 2016 at 10:22 am

You are so not alone John! 😉

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