I believe the best way to a man’s heart (or anyone’s heart for that matter) is still through their stomach.  Yes, I met and married my husband through a series of nonsensical events that included a really bad hangover, an ax murderer discussion, gambling junkets, stalking and some home cooked meals…so I have proof that this cooking thing really works. No matter how many times you crack open the Kama Sutra or don a latex suit, do or don’t attend headbanging concerts, put up with his smelly, douchey, stoner, slacker friends…cooking him something is the best way to catch their attention.

I’m a recipe developer, so the majority of the recipes on this site are my own – really.  My friends love me, my neighbors hate me, because I’m bad for their diets, and I won’t even go into what my family thinks of me (that’s for the therapist sessions that I’ll be needing once the prescription drugs stop working).

I’ve written 4 cookbooks – Jerky Everything (150 recipes on how to make jerky out of just about anything edible), Frozen Paleo (paleo friendly frozen treats), High Protein Pancakes and High Protein Shakes.

If you’d like to write me and request a recipe, tell me how great I am, or ask me a question (I will only leave my husband if you’re George Clooney…and you ask me nicely) you can do that by sending me an e-mail at this address:

Pamela [at] mymansbelly [dot] com

Want to see where some of my work is? You can find me here. Some of the stuff I do is so hush hush that I can’t talk about it, or I’d have to kill you. That would just be messy, so let’s just follow their wishes and not talk about it. K? But it’s so good, that they’ve hired me more than once.

If you want to send me cool things (shoes count as very cool things), and or money, you can send them to this address:

1527 W. State Hwy. 114

Suite 500 #185

Grapevine, TX  76051

And if you’d like to see what I look like (on a good day…not on a typical day), here ya go.

Pam Chocolate Lip-About

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